Are Athletes Paid to Much?

May 18, 2010
The question is for this decade is, are athletes paid too much money? We all have different opinions but I am convincing you that mine is the best. The NFL salary cap is 102.5 million dollars per team. There are 32 which is a total of 3.28 billion dollars a year. If we cut 50 million a year on the NFL we could save 1 billion dollars.
The basketball salaries over the years have increased majorly. The increase is 804% in about fifteen years! The average used to be $575,000 and its average now is $5,200,000, I don’t know about you but that is a huge increase for sports salaries. That even includes the players that we think are bad and don’t play ever. I think because all of the sports have increased by so much money that they should rethink how much they are paying them. Also I think that salaries have majorly increased because of broadcasting, for the 2011-2013 NFL broadcasting they are going to spend $20.4 billion dollars!

Here is something I would like you to think about, Barack Obama is getting paid $200,000 a year, who is running our country and keeping us together in line. Eli Manning of the Giants has a six year $97.5 million dollar contract which is $15.6 million a year. I wouldn’t want to be the President but if it’s for the better of things than yes I would. Eli Manning has fun with his job doing what he loves every day. If you look at pictures of George Bush when he first stepped in office he looked like the age he was but when he left he looked so much older than before. Yes he was under so much stress but he wanted to run the country for our own good. He knew that he would only be paid $200,000 a year. Eli Manning gets paid big bucks and he will only age from years not stress.

People can easily live off of $200,000 thousand a year. These athletes get paid 10 million a year! If we cut the size of spending on athletes salaries then we could spend that money on schools and education. If we spend that money on education, then for the future of kids we can help improve the US economy and prepare for the future. If we did improve education the teachers of the future would be smarter and could educate people better for the US.

Athletes have the money and they usually spend on the top merchandise. If you think about it most people in the US cannot afford those things, so if we spend it more on local shops or companies then that could majorly help the US economy. Most local companies help the US economy more than the big expensive stores, so why don’t we have more local stores.

Athlete’s salaries have increased majorly over the years and I hope that you know why and what would help us if we cut their salaries. This is my opinion and thank you very much.

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