A Stormy Night (funny personal narritive)

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

For Some people being home alone in your house at night time isn’t scary at all. Well usually that’s how it is for me until you hear something clawing or scraping at the door. Or maybe just a huge “Bang!” all at the same time that it’s pouring, thundering, and windy enough to whistle through the trees, and move the tables!
At first it was just a normal night, my parents were going out to eat and I was just staying home. Lying on the couch, I was watching a boring T.V. show and texting my friends. It was just an uneventful night. The first thing to happen however, was it simply started raining. This eventually progressed to pouring, which is fine for people who live in Arizona, because it’s literally a desert. Even when it’s thundering we don’t mind. Along with the thundering came the wind, this also progressed to shaking the trees violently, not even caring to damage them.
All of a sudden a massive “thud!” came from outside sounding like it came from on top of the roof. A little frightened, I wondered, what could it be? I was forced to think it was just a rock or big brick, but the grueling thought that it could be someone out there patronized me. I didn’t know and did not want to find out, the last thing I wanted was someone failing to break in quickly switch to successfully breaking if he knocked me out in an instant if I opened the door.
I raced back upstairs, again watching T.V. But not for long, I noticed a noise coming from downstairs. It was a repetitive scratching sound. It came straight from where the door area was. Could this be the answer to what made the noise from the roof? Wanting and not wanting to at the same time, I actually descended the stairs to hear it from a shorter distance, yet still out of sight. I poked my head out slowly to see that there was no movement or shadow coming from the doorway window. No one was there. Sliding across the floor in the Darkness of the room like a slithering snake I kept sneaking closer to the sound. Getting closer and closer, simultaneously the loudness of the scratching also increased. A cry sounded from outside the door…wait I know that sound! It was Chloe my dog! She had got locked outside and was scratching on the closed doggy door! Then what was the “bang” noise from outside? It couldn’t have been my dog…

The author's comments:
I just thought it was funny, and i had to write it for english in the begginning of 9th grade in August.

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Janr said...
on Apr. 7 at 5:17 am
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Sparaxis SILVER, Saint Marys, Georgia
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"If you keep on picking on me, I'll mess up again. This time, on PURPOSE."

What made that banging noise we might never know.

Jane said...
on Nov. 11 2014 at 7:30 am
Nice piece of writing.


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