Sonic and Mario: The Greatest Rivals in History

May 17, 2010
By Cuizonix BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Cuizonix BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Sonic or Mario, who must you choose? As you might already know, Sonic is a blue hedgehog with super speed and Mario is an Italian plumber with powers no one can ever imagine. You might know these two game characters by the games that you play. These two are like rivals to each other or as I would like to say, “The greatest rivals in history”; but before I start bragging whose better, I think I should tell you about their backgrounds.

First, I’ll start with Mario. Mario’s real name was actually Jumpman. But before that, in the 1980’s, a man named Shigeru Miyamoto was in development for his first video game. His idea was based on Popeye and was to make Nintendo very popular. But, Nintendo had lost their ability to use Popeye so Miyamoto had to make his own original game from scratch and in the end, the game Donkey Kong was brought up to life which included Jumpman (later became Mario), Pauline and Donkey Kong. Now Mario thrives in almost every single Nintendo game there is. Now, as in almost all games, Mario games almost always have a new character in it. And that idea of Miyamoto, had Nintendo, and the world, amazed by all that Mario could do besides jumping on enemies. Now In 1991, a good character of mine was brought to life, Sonic the hedgehog. Created by Yuji Naka and
Naoto Ohshima, both of these men were thinking of the next big thing besides Mario which Nintendo had created a few decades before Sonic. Naka and Ohshima thought of creating a gymnastics type of character with spikes on his back so he could crush enemies. Naka and Ohshima then created the Sonic Team. This had all the development of sonic games in it. On June 1991, the Sonic Team had released their first game in America, Sonic the Hedgehog, the game. Many people found it easy to play Sonic. It was so easy and so fun that the sales of the sonic game were exceeding than expected!
Now that I have explained to you of their origins, I believe that I should talk about the friends and enemies of both of Sonic and Mario. Well in Mario, there are a bunch of antagonists but only a few protagonists like there’s Toad, Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi. There are a lot of antagonists in Mario like Bowser, koopas (those walking turtles), goombas (those walking mushrooms), and so much more! In Sonic, it’s the other way around. There are a bunch of protagonists and only one antagonist. There are a bunch of protagonists like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Big, and a few more protagonists. Well the only antagonist is Dr. Eggman, an overgrown man who wants the chaos emeralds (which I’ll explain later) to try and take over the world. Now that I have told you about Mario, Sonic, and all their friends, I believe now, and I think that you’ve been waiting for is, who is better, Sonic or Mario? Well to start things off, I truly believe that Sonic is better because of his super speed. But there isn’t really any information on who is better. But Mario is good as well for he has many abilities such as he can throw fireballs when he gains a fire flower or he could fly with obtaining a feather. But whatever Mario can do Sonic is always better. For example, when he has obtained all 7 chaos emeralds, (stones that hold mysterious and indescribable powers) Sonic can turn into Super Sonic. When Sonic is Super Sonic, he can throw fireballs and fly. But Mario can also turn smaller, bigger, or even huge! Mario has many abilities. Sonic is the same as well. He can do many things with items that have mysterious powers inside of them. Both of these characters can be very powerful at times, but not all the time. Without their friends to help them out, they wouldn’t be as famous as they would be today.

Well as I said before, Sonic or Mario who is better, I believe there is no answer to that question for Sonic and Mario will always be head to head from games to TV shows, videos on the internet, or even maybe merchandise, no one will know the answer to this impossible question, though many people may have many supporting facts for who is better, there will always be someone who will always like Sonic or someone who will always like Mario. For thus, I like to call them:
Sonic and Mario: The Greatest Rivals in History.

The author's comments:
Sonic and Mario always were rivals ever since the beginning..

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