Interview With Danny Gokey

May 17, 2010
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This interview was with Danny Gokey and he placed third on American Idol Season 8.
Q: Who was your favorite judge?
A: Paula! She was so sweet and kind.
Q: How was being on national T.V.?
A: It was very nerve racking but at the same time it was fun knowing that many people were watching!
Q: I heard about your charity “Sophia’s Heart”. What does it raise money for?
A: Helps kids get scholarships, helps the poor get food, clothing, shelters, it also has a music/arts program for the youth.
Q: How many days a week are you on tour?
A: 6 out of 7.
Q: Are you on a solo tour or are you touring with someone else?
A: I am touring with Sugarland.
Q: Where is at your hometown?
A: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Q: How many pairs of glasses do you have?
A: [Laughs] Not enough but I have 70, all prescription!
Q: Who/what was your biggest inspiration?
A: Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. Because they helped people.
Q: Who are the 3 coolest people you have met?
A: Ashley Tisdale, Ryan Seacrest, and Simon Cowell.
Q: What’s your favorite of being on stage?
A: Connecting with audience and singing my face off!
Q: Do you have a good luck charm?
A: No I do not.
Q: How do you like Atlanta so far?
A: I like it but I want to come back and explore some more.

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