Gay Marriage

May 5, 2010
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Love has no gender. Gay marriage should be allowed everywhere. Imagine if you couldn't marry the one you loved because of gender issues. Imagine how your heart would break, knowing they are the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. They are people just like us, and they deserve to be able to marry the one they love just like us. You have affection, and they have affection, so why do we get to show ours , but they are judged for showing theirs?

Love is love. The same four letter word for any couple, even a gay couple. Why would it be any different? Love should be no different for a man and a man than it is for a man and a woman. Gay marriage should be legal in every state all over America. Why should it matter if a girl wanted to be with a girl? Or if a guy wanted to be with a guy? It shouldn't matter. It's their choice not yours, so why not just mind your own business and leave them alone? People are people no different from the rest, why should we judge them based on their sexual orientation.

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