Should Steroids be Illegal?

May 5, 2010
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Steroids should be an illegal substance unless your doctor has prescribed them for you. Steroids increase your strength, but damage your body now and in the future. They are another way of cheating in all sports. Should athletes that used steroids be accepted into the hall of fame? What if they used them when they were legal in sports? What consequences should these athletes have?

Anyone can notice someone that has abused steroids by just looking at their body and how quickly they have developed. The way their body develops after using steroids illegally is obvious because the way their body developed. Their body doesn't just develop, they also hurt themselves in may ways, and they also give them bruises from the injections. People change emotionally, which is known as “Roid Rage.” Guys risk growing breasts that are permanent. Men also put themselves at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer a higher rate.

I believe that people who used steroids when they were legal shouldn't have any consequences for their actions because they didn't really know any better. If sports athletes abused steroids or any performance enhancing drugs when they were illegal in sports they should have to pay the consequences of using them. Why would anyone even want to take steroids to hurt their body anyway? I would never do anything to hurt my body which could possibly destroy my career for abusing illegal drugs.

That's why steroids should be illegal, especially having possession of them should also be illegal. I think anyone who has to take steroids to impress someone or promote their physical apperence and physical ability should pay the consequences and spend some time in jail and ban them from all sports. Why not earn the muscles by working out rather than taking steroids? Be proud of yourself and earn everything in your life.

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