What Life Will Throw At You.

May 4, 2010
“Keep moving forward” Wilbur Robinson -- Walt Disney

Life is life. It gives you what you deserve. Looking back life has been great, but I have learned you shouldn’t look back, you should keep moving forwards. The bad moments are in the past along with the good moments. I choose to forget the bad memories but hold onto the ones that make me happy.

Life is full of paths and trails but you are the one in the drivers seat. Why did this happen to me? One question I repeated as often as I blink. Everybody makes mistakes, you learn to get over them. It hurts when it happens, but its a relief when it is over. People who hold grudges forever have their own personal problems and need to blame something on someone. That someone is like a ant under a magnifying glass. That person was me.

You make mistakes to learn from them. Loosing all the happy memories and the people that gave you those happy moments leaves a hole in your heart just waiting for something to fill it. I made one mistake... Then that ended up tumbling downhill to many mistakes. My friends that left me got the worst out of me. When they were jerks to me, called me awful things when I was standing right next to them, and threw food at me, I had to fight back.I had to try to fight my own fight. But I am not one of those people who can stand up for themselves. I tried my hardest but I choked on my own words. I never knew I could be so mean and rude to people I loved. When I tried standing up for myself, it made everything worse. It ended up with more mistakes. The friends that I still had that did not hate me had my back the whole time. I love and appreciate all of them so much. True best-friends will always have your back no matter what. Was I hanging out with the wrong group? I grew up with most of those kids but they all turned their backs on me for completely stupid reasons that I do not even remember making. Why did I miss them so much? They hurt me so deeply, but that hole in my heart... Needed to be fixed, and I felt like only they could fix it. I regret everything I did. But then again I don’t because I found out who my true friends were.

For almost three months it felt like I was in hell. Complete agony right when I walked in to school. But now everything is great. I am friends with all my old friends again. There is still awkward moments, but I wasn’t expected everything to go right back in its place. Mistakes are given to people who need to learn a lesson. I made many mistakes and I learned a lot from them. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Story of my life! I use to laugh at that saying. Now I know its the complete truth.

The memories you get from your mistakes are only with you if your remember them, but if you get a scar from it, you’ll never forget it. You can never know what life with throw at you next. But you can protect your self from the harm that comes with it.

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