Problems In Your Home

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Was you born between a fight of your mother and father? As you saw your warm white luscious milk bottle fly from left to right, was you sord of afraid. Well trust me you don't want to experience it.

Your Mother
Mommy wont do much because she might be afraid of your father. Would he beat on her? Probably. Would he try to take her life? Possibly. But, I guess that's just the life of arguing parents

Your Father
Daddy would beat and daddy would ruin your life but most times daddy don't care about how he make you feel. Daddy is the papa bear of the household. Daddy controls what goes on not your mother. Practically he owns the roof that's on your head.

If you are getting abused its most likely coming from your father. Not saying that your mother wont abuse you but1/2 of the time she wont. Daddy is doing her hard work as she might say sometimes as she flunts herself around the house.

If you are dealing with arguing parents, maybe you can tell the school counselor to find a different home to stay in.
If your father is beating off your mother don't cry, call 911 and let them know before things get out of hand.
Don't allow your parents to beat off of you... Runaway, hide somewhere safe. Go to your Nanas house or something.
If any of your parents are drug attics and only beat you when their drunk, tell them to eliminate a bit of the rum,liquor, and smokes.
If you know that your father and mother only beat off of you when their together then try your hardest to split them up.
Do Not Allow your family of friends to beat off of you. As soon as it happens report it, the bruises are still a bit fresh.But, now its the hardest because I can tell you this used to be me.

The author's comments:
Well when i thought about all the people of the world getting abused or they have problems in their home i just thought i should step in and give them some incouragement

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