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May 4, 2010
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No brakes, no complicated gear and shifters just one fixed cog and a bike, that’s what “we” only need. Fixed gear bike have been around for a long time, from the 1903 Le Tour De France to now urban street riding, fixed gears have come a long way. What is a “fixie,” you might ask, it has a fixed drive train which means as long as the rear wheel moves the pedals will do in unison. The fixed gear bike is a new toy for “hipster” trends and bike messengers. One of the amazing things of this type of bike is the no need of brakes; a skid is the only way to brake, the bike has a simplistic style without complicated gears and over $1000+ framesets. The new trend fits with the new “hipster” trend of clean, skinny jean and fashionable clothes.

But nothing is worse than fashion over function. You don’t need special clothes or anything else, just a bike and ride. Just buy one, learn how to ride and skid that’s it and you have achieved a new feat. One of the abilities of the fixed gear is that any movement you do on this bike directly changes its motion and outcome. From a simple track stand to an almighty keo spin. Fixed gear bikes are not just a new trendy movement, these bikes were used for the first Tour De France, imagine 60 hours of biking on these bikes that will probably make you sore. Not only was it in the Tour De France, it is also an Olympic sport. Velodrome racing is very popular as it brings the best and fastest fixed gear bikers all over from the planet. The standard speed is just 60 mph; yes I said it, the standard.

Fixed gear bike have a ton of accessories as well. Different tooth cogs and crank sets define a rider’s gear ratio. Handlebars as such, are made for different types of riders. Drop bars are made for endurance and speed, bullhorn bars are made for sprinter type bike riders, risers and flat bars for tricking, and mustache bars for climbing and skidding.

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