god of war 3

April 30, 2010
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The best there is, the best there was, and the best there will ever be

God of war 3 is one of the most epic games on the PS3 or in the world. I would give the game five stars over and over again. The graphics are amazing; they are definitely a step up from the first two. The game also has an epic storyline that will keep you guessing until the very end. God of War 3 will have the fans wanting more after they finish this game. Even if you are new to the action packed God of War series you will love the way this game will still have the power to blow you away. It will tell you that the game is a must buy for anyone who loves games with action and the perfect amount of blood and gore mixed awesome weapons.

The plot of god of war 3 is more than just an ordinary action game. In the beginning of god of war 3 it starts, when the titans are climbing up Mount Olympus and then you start playing and then, the action begins. Playing God of War 3 I was still as a statue making sure that I would not miss anything in the epic game. Throughout the game you face all of the gods, some how and in someway. You even get to kill your mother and it is because of something she says that pisses Kratos off and then he breaks her neck. You also fight your brother I won’t say who it is but lets just his name begins with an H. after you kill a god you can look around for their armor or something that they were wearing before you had disposed of them. It is an amazing storyline in this game.

The graphics of this game look almost life like you can see krato’s vanes pop out when he gets angry and his expressions are perfect to a human’s expression when he is happy, sad, mad, angry, and enraged. Like Zuess when he is flying and battling with Kratos. The background and foreground have also played a huge part of the visual content in the game. The graphics are a major part of a games visual aspect and to its first impression. That is why; total I give it a nine point five out of ten in the graphics part of the game.

The sound on the game is amazing. You can literally here every little thing, from the weapons clinging, titans falling to the ground, to the small things that kratos steps on through out his entire wrath. Usually most games try to get the most amazing sounds and leave out the little things like the trees leaves in the wind, but not god of war 3! That is, of course because it also has a huge tree giant in the game as a huge part in the game, but that doesn’t mean anything. So total I think this game has a ten out of ten for the sound, but the control setup is a different story.

The controls are basically the same nothing new. The controls are still the same and for like combos and stuff. The button for the swords, gauntlets, spear, etc. they are all the same thing. There is nothing new about the controls so I give the controls a five out of ten. I’m very sorry but that is how it has to be. Now to move on to a few of the main characters.

There are plenty of characters in God of War 3. Most if not all of them are from mythology. This is because the game is based off of the gods of Olympus, the titans, and the enemies. The main character is Kratos, he is a real pissed off guy who will do anything to get back at the gods for not ridding him of his nightmares. Even though he wants to kill all of the gods he mainly wants only the death of, Zeus. Throughout the game you fight plenty of enemies like Hades and Helios. You also fight something that has been a help to Kratos throughout all of the games. That enemy is Medusa, the woman that freezes you when she stares at you. When playing god of war 3 I had felt like Medusa had starred at me and had frozen me but I could somehow still move my hands. The only difference in this game is that you don’t have her head as a weapon it is more just that you rip it off of her and it freezes all of the enemies around you.

So this game has its ups and downs. It does have a lot of great thing, but it also has things that could possibly bring it down a few notches. Now if I had to choose a game of the year this would be close to the winner. Now for a total rating out of a hundred I give this game, a ninety-five out of one hundred.

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