Celebrity obsession

April 29, 2010
By Sumayya Mujeeb BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Sumayya Mujeeb BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? What is it that is so fascinating about these people? They are just like us except shinier, more beautiful, and wealthier. Ok, admit it, you know what the latest on the Tiger Woods scandal. We are all so plugged in and connected with what’s going on in these people’s lives. We know every little thing they post on twitter and who they are currently fighting with. We know more about what’s going on with them more than we know about issues going around in our community, nation, and in our world.

Why is it like this? Well, maybe it’s the fact that they’re always in front of us. They’re always in the media. We can see what’s going on in their lives. Their lives are documented and recorded. Every little thing they say or do is broadcasted to us on our televisions or written down and displayed on our homepages. We know so much, we feel like we’re included. I mean it’s easy to feel like you know all about Brad and Angelina and what’s going on with Sandra Bullock.

Another reason maybe that they’re an image of you we want to be? We all want to be rich, famous, and have your name known everywhere. We want to be like them but minus the scandal. They seem to be above us. They can get into elite parties, go to award ceremonies, be treated like royalty, and have their name known to everyone.

What’s the point? Where does knowing about these people get us? I mean I don’t thing there is anything positive about knowing how many people Tiger has slept with. We don’t gain anything from knowing that. It just wastes our time. Our generation is so plugged in. Kids see fame like it’s a cure for all their problems. We think, oh, if you’re famous you have money and people will like you. What else do you need? In reality it’s not all that it’s cracked out to be. I mean you see it, celebrities are so screwed up. They want attention and will do anything for it. Yeah, they do good thing like give money to charity and “give back” but they have so many problems and being scrutinized by the public eye 24/7 doesn’t help.

Ok so you may argue Celebrities give us something to talk about. Sure, it’s ok once in awhile, but it’s not cool if you do it all the time. If you have to keep up with the latest celebrity drama just to have something to talk about with your friends, they’re not your friends. When you talk about them you’re basically gossiping about people you don’t really know. You think you may know them but, in reality, you don’t. You may say they’re there for entertainment. Yeah, its not entertainment if it’s the same story over and over again. Someone’s going to rehab. Someone’s gay. Someone cheated on their spouse. It’s always the same.

Don’t get me wrong. Celebrities are great, without them we wouldn’t have movies and awesome TV shows. It’s ok to know about them but you should have tabs on their whole lives. Everything should be done in moderation and we shouldn’t scrutinize these people’s lives. If you were famous would you want people all up in your business?

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