Can We Just Pretend?

April 24, 2010
By train BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
train BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
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Can we pretend that we are five again? That everything is easy. That are biggest concern is that if it is going to rain today. When everything was perfect. When Santa Claus was real, the Easter Bunny came, the Tooth Fairy left money under our pillows.

Can we pretend that we are seven again? When no one would ever hurt us. When we were still naive and young. Everything seemed so simple and life’s problems seemed so distant. That the problems in the world didn’t matter.

Can we pretend that we are ten again? When the world was so big. When we stared in wonder and fascination at the stars. When we stayed up late watching the stars and meteors shoot across the sky. When sadly we learned the truth about the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. When we still had a little bit of innocence. When we never fought, or yelled at each other.

Can we pretend that we are thirteen again? When we were still friends. When we would do anything for each other. When we were Best Friends Forever until the end. When we cried together. When we talked all night, and helped each other with problems, family, and homework.

Can we pretend that we aren’t Sixteen? Can we pretend that are best friends aren’t doing drugs. Can we pretend that are friends aren’t sluts? Can we pretend that we are innocent again? That everything isn’t black and white. Can we go back to when we believed wishing on a star would make our dreams come true. Can we go back to when we liked each other and were friends.

What happened? Where did the time go? Why did this have to happen? When did it all go to hell?

The author's comments:
I was just listening to music and I thought what if we could turn back the clock and just pretend everything is ok.

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413rlm BRONZE said...
on Oct. 28 2010 at 12:03 pm
413rlm BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
2 articles 0 photos 5 comments
It is crazy how much much I agree with what this article is saying. I think about it often; where did time go? Why did it all have to change, and why can't it still be the same. Often when I am having a bad day I think about how I wish I could go back in time. When I was five or six and all I wanted was to go play outside or play with barbie dolls. It is sad to look at how bad people have changed. How other teenagers are drinking, doing drugs, and sleeping with people they just met every weekend. I am proud to say that I am not one of those teenagers. 


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