Tea Parties

April 19, 2010
By , Acworth, GA
What was the Boston Tea Party really about? It was about serious people getting together about a very serious issue: taxes. The British Government was creating new taxes right and left, and the American people were putting their foot down. Specifically, the Government had decided to put a tax on tea, an important product, as everyone drank tea usually every day. However, the American people weren’t willing to accept unjust laws just so they could have this luxury. By the way, that’s something modern America needs to learn: how to live without all the niceties that we take for granted.

Anyway, getting back to the story, the Government was greedy enough to try to force the people to buy tea, just so that they could tax them for it. Obviously the people didn’t like this, and the night before the tea was to be unloaded, they boarded the cargo ships that the tea was on and dumped it into the harbor. This was one of the sparks that lit the fire of the American Revolution, and it all happened without a shot being fired. It is interesting to note, however, that when one man tried to stop them from boarding the ships, they tarred and feathered him; a very embarrassing punishment, but with no permanent physical harm.

What am I getting at? Just this: today’s “Tea Parties” are nothing more than a group of cowards getting together to whine. Think about it: The Obama Administration hasn’t tried to put a stop to them—not so much as mentioning them as a serious issue. This is because they don’t see the “Tea Parties” as a threat—they aren’t a serious issue. Recently, at an Americans For Prosperity meeting, I heard a man ask the question, “What did you people get out of the Atlanta Tea Party?” At this point I realized something was terribly wrong. The Boston Tea Party wasn’t a meeting that the patriots expected to learn something from—they went to it in order that the Government would learn something from them. That’s the problem with today’s “Tea Parties:” they’re not saying anything; they’re not making a statement, as much as the people would like to think that they are. If we want the Government to listen to us, we have to shout, not whine!

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