Celebs are bad role models

April 19, 2010
By ninjacupcake SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
ninjacupcake SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Celebs + Role Model= Bad
What comes to mind when you hear “Role Models”. Is it Martin Luther King Jr, George Washington, and Barack Obama? To some little kids and future athletes these are there’s, Miley Cyrus, Tiger woods, and Mark McGwire. Are they amazing role models for young kids? Or are Miley Cyrus, Tiger Woods, and leading kids down the wrong path?

It says that role models are someone worth imitation. A lot of kids and people look up to them. My role model is my mom because she is strong. One definition of role model goes for celebrities and the other goes for people you know. People say that nowadays celebrities are great role models. However have they seen the news lately? If they have they are far from the truth, celebrities are horrible role models.

For some of us we like to bulk up the old fashioned way, instead of using steroids. Not for Mark McGwire. Although he used a low dose f steroids. He still changed the minds of young baseball players. Imagine you have a little brother and his role model is mark McGwire. He watches him play baseball and follows any news on him. Everyday he goes on the computer and checks on the news about him. Perhaps one day he goes on the computer to check the news and the headliner that day says “Mark McGwire Did Steroids”. He didn’t know what they were, so he asks you. You tell him that it helps you to bulk up. Your little brother does baseball and his coach is always telling him to bulk up. So he is thinking about giving them a try. What would you do in this situation? Mark McGwire wasn’t thinking that young future baseball students wouldn’t hear what he did. He wasn’t thinking that he would have an impact. He wasn’t thinking that he would lose some fans. It that was my little brother I would hate him for giving my little brother the idea of trying steroids.

Imagine being a little girl sitting in front of the TV watching Hannah Montana. The theme jingles In between your ears. She loves the humor, the jokes, and the laughter. Then you click through the channel and she sees the news…… “Hannah Montana goes wild” She sees her dancing with a stainless steel pole at music awards. The girl still loves Hannah, so she thinks that ok. This girl still looks at her as a role model. This girl’s whole life could be ruined by one action of a celebrity. If the girl grows up and doesn’t know any better, things could go wrong. Is it worth it? I think not!!! If this girl can’t control themselves then why are they trusted to be role models?

“Fore” and “Birdie” are some golf terms, and the golfers that say this are serious about the game. That doesn’t apply to Tiger Woods, anymore. Back in the fall when I heard of the news I was shocked. He had used his fame to get girls. Now should he be a role model. He is telling all athletes that they can get any girl they want, if they are a athlete but is that true? What kind of role model too many soon to be golfer’s, now look at him. Tiger Woods actions had surprised us all. To have one affair is wrong but normal, but 15!!! That is horrible. Imagine what his wife and kids had to go through. He didn’t think that what he did, his wife wouldn’t found out. Everyone had looked up to him as a good man and role model many soon-to-be-golfers looked at him and said I want to be just like him”. Now, after his surprising actions he has turned his whole world upside down and his fans as well.

But don’t forget we are all not perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Our imperfection is what keeps this world turning everyday we learn from our mistakes. The mistakes of celebrities are sometimes taken way too seriously. But we must all be forgiving. We must also not forget that when people become celebrities they get fame but they also get responsibility.

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on Jun. 2 2010 at 4:54 pm
ninjacupcake SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
5 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
" For every 60 seconds u dont smile is a minute of unhappiness"

Thxs for reading it and thxs for the comment

cFoxx said...
on May. 26 2010 at 4:17 pm

great article!

yeah, i agree, i do feel the same way as you do about this situation



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