top ten basketball legends

April 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Top ten basketball legends is a very good book for its size. It is very short but it has a lot of info on some of the best basketball players the world has ever known such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, and more. The book has info from all different times and location and some of it even dates back to before the National Basketball Association was created. The books ten legends are Rick Barry, Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, George Mikan, Oscar Robertson, and Jerry West respectively. I recommend this book too anyone who enjoys a basketball book. Its not very long so you can read it easily and it teaches you a lot about basketball history.

The info Top Ten Basketball Legends gives you are things such as points, assists, rebounds and more. The book also gives background info on their childhood and college lives like where they were born were they went to highschool and what college they attended. It even tells you some things about their college scoring records and titles. Each legend in this book has and article about his all time biggest moment in the NBA and how he felt about it afterwards. It even has info on possibly the best basketball player in the world Michael Jordan. It is a good book but it didn’t have anything on Wilt Chamberlin in it and nothing really about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so that was a let down but the book has many strong points also such as the info from before the NBA was formed that is valuable info. It does have info on my all time favorite NBA player Julius Erving and his info: seasons in NBA-11 games-836 FG%-.507 rebounds-5,601 FT%-777 assists-3224 points-18,364 average-22 he was and always will be remembered as an NBA great.

Top Ten Basketball legends by Ken Rappoport again is an awesome book and not only that but its nonfiction and has a lot of facts for anyone who enjoys basketball. The book shows the highpoints of ten NBA legends careers and actually shows you their statistics and some of the things they accomplished in their youth. Overall this was an awesome book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a some NBA facts.

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