Internet filters

April 12, 2010
By , bronx, NY
“One day I was in class in the middle of a lesson .we were researching on terrorism .Then, the teacher went on the computer and she was on ,so she searched up terrorism then she clicked on a link that was based on terrrorism and it was blocked by websense ,I guessed that the board of education filtered terrorism because it’s disturbing or bad.” Internet filters is a minor problem.
Well, This topic is about INTERNET filtering ,mostly this occur in middle schools and high schools .The NYCDOE filter words that link to websites that involve with ,games, social networking and personal messages, and last but no least Instant messaging. In the U.S Internet filters are considered a citywide school law

I think internet filtering is bad and good .But ,most think is bad because you can’t research. Plus, Some use the internet so they can see Pornography. Teachers don’t even like internet filter because when they want to explain something and they go on internet it’s mostly blocked from it’s features .
I asked my friend of his opinion about internet filters he said there worst on the internet then what they block .I agree because most things or most “bad” things are blocked then other public and most visited websites. I surely agree that most internet filters are bad considering in some important things you want to know.

My conclusion is a message to the board of ed is that i consistly think that you should unblock some websites and block things that entertain students.Why? because students, especially students in new york city want to see videos,pictures,...ETC.I've seen alot of students that tried to watch vids and accomplished on that but videos that are foolish and disturbing.So, my theme of this editorial is that some websites should be blocked and others should be unblocked.

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