Should school staff interfere with student -to- student problem? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

April 12, 2010
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Imagine you are walking out of your classroom and someone comes up to you. Without saying a word he or she looks you from your head to your toes and tells you that you are the reason they got into trouble. But the thing is, you have no idea what they are talking about. They tell you that to get yourself out of the problem you could do their homework for the next three weeks, but you do not want to do anyone’s homework. You feel like they can’t take credit for something you did, it just wouldn’t be right. Then when the next period starts you ask your teacher for a pass to the principal’s office and when she/he gives you the pass to the principal. You go to this teacher you know for a long time and you tell her everything that the kid told you when u was getting out the class and she takes it to herself to confront the student after school and tell them all what you told her. Just by the teacher tell the student what u told her is going to make a big problem out of something that just was between you and that kid.

Sometimes you see students arguing in school and when teachers come to pull them apart and put them into the suspension room, they think that everything will be ok. But they have no clue what goes on after school and outside of school. After school the same two students’ could go to their house call up some people or friends bring them back to school and that’s going to cause more problem between the two. Then more and more people are going to join in the problem and then there’s going to be police involved in a problem that just started in school. So that shows that when teachers see something going on with two children they should handle it a little better than they do now. According to “the way parent handle this problem is by going to the school and talk to a teacher with their child about what have been happening with their child in the school (that their child are being bullied). When student are getting bullied in school their parents get worried about what’s going on with their child. Because the child don’t talk to their parents about nothing and then their parents may feel like they might be following the wrong people in school. .”

So what I would want teachers to do is stay out of it because if the teacher would have let the two student go by the time next period ends they are friends again or would have settle their problems. Another way they could have stay out of it is by put the two student in a room so they could talk about what they did so is like whatever they started they have to end it. Then they wouldn’t make a big problem out of a small problem. Some teacher fills like when they give the kids suspension that would solve the problem but they are wrong that only makes it bigger.

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