Should the students of U.A.C.H.S be allowed to have dress down day every friday?

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Should the students of U.A.C.H.S be allowed to have dress down day every Friday?

It will help out the school, with finance problems, Like getting books, better lunch. Fixing up the classrooms building another staircase so getting around to class. This weekly dress down day can also help out the juniors and seniors for important things like prom, renting limos and getting a fancy place with good food and drinks. In about four weeks the school should have a lot of money.

Another reason I support this idea is having left over money can help out important teachers like Mrs. Archibald, and other staff members even the principal and vice principal can have more money in there pay checks, so its like everyone wins.

Also, having dress down on Friday helps students who have a talent for fashion. So it’s best to let the students show off their best. All staff and principals wouldn’t mind because up coming trips for different students would be paid for on time and wouldn’t have collect for donations. Another thing is having back up money would come in handy if something’s needs to be fix in school (plus it will be less stress for everyone else).

People who disagree might say it’s a bad thing about dress down day because some students might wear something inappropriate in different ways. Girls might wear skirts passed there legs, or wear shirts that show the front of their chest. Boys might wear things with guns or knives on their shirts or gang colors. But this belief I would say is wrong because children these days are mature enough to know that all of these inappropriate things aren’t allowed and won’t wear them.

In conclusion I believe that dress down day every Friday should be permitted. To give students a break from the same hot dark colored uniform. Especially when it gets warmer and warmer as the spring to summer months come. Also to give the graduating senior classes a break from coming up with a lot of the money.

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