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April 9, 2010

I believe there should be an immigration reform that would legalize all immigrants. I believe everyone should have the same rights to come in and out of the United States when they want. I believe everyone should have a chance to succeed in life in which they can do by living the American dream.

The reason I believe this is because I, myself am an immigrant. I have experience many times when I have got rejected or am limited to many things only because I am not legal in this country. For example, now that I am a junior in high school and the time for applying for college and scholarships is getting closer and closer, I have begun looking at scholarships but many applications requires a person to be a resident. First thing that comes to my head is that I won’t get it because of the fact that I am not a resident. Yes, I get down but I have to keep my head up and have to try to find a way to continue my education and reach my goal, which is to become a lawyer. This has been my dream career since I was a little girl and attending SMU has always been my dream school, however in times I feel I might never get to reach this dreams of mine and only because I am not a resident of the United States. I pray every night that one day before I graduate there will be a reform that way I will be able to study and will be able to reach my dreams.

I am not the only that has experience this; many other immigrants get rejected when they go look for a job. Many of them just want what is better for them and their families. Therefore I believe there should be something done about the many immigrants who came to the United States for good causes.

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