Should freshmen’s be giving the privileges to go out for lunch?

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Freshmen’s have the same responsibility as any other grade level. We all have to arrive at the same time. We all have to get good grades and become good role models and succeed to the next level. So why not get treated equally and allowed to go out for lunch.
It has been said that freshmen’s shouldn’t be able to go out for lunch because they weren’t mature enough to deal with being able to go out for lunch. Well I totally disagree because if that’s the case it’s a lot of sophomores, juniors, and seniors that are not mature. If maturity is an issue then the school’s going to have to punish all immature students : not just freshman.
I see all grade levels as one when it comes down to being equal, so if one of us do something it reflects on all of us. And if other grade levels are getting lunch privileges why shouldn’t freshman’s? Freshman’s are in transition from middle school to high school and we have a lot on our back but this is a new generation and we all know right from wrong, so the trust part shouldn’t be an issue. Give us a chance to prove ourselves by allowing freshmen’s to go out for lunch because we aren’t offered a variety of choices to choose from in the cafeteria.
Freshman should be able to go out for lunch. Its only right that we get treated equally because at the end of the day it’s about believing in us freshmen’s and just giving us that chance. Now I know all the freshmen’s agree. I really don’t see the point in making us sit and the sophomores, juniors, seniors get to go out, it’s just pointless.

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