Should sexting be illegal?

March 31, 2010
By fliibriel BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
fliibriel BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Sexting is when people send naked pictures or videos through text messaging.

Sexting should be illegal because this act encourages others to follow negative behavior. Kids and teenagers will see somebody else doing it then try to do it to. Then soon everyone else will be doing it as a everyday thing.

Sexting should never be legal because sexting puts the sexter in danger. If someone sends a sext they inturn it to their friends. Eventually everyone will see it a person could kidnap, rape, or molest the sexter, maybe even stalk them.

My opponents might say its better to sext then to actually have sex. They are wrong because people can put images on the internet or, send it to other friends. Sexting takes away a teen privacy.

In conclusion if you want to keep your privacy and be safe then don’t sext.

The author's comments:
i wolud never sext because to me it stupid and embarrasing

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