Should teachers inform students that they have detention?

March 31, 2010
By kianah lee BRONZE, New Jersey, New Jersey
kianah lee BRONZE, New Jersey, New Jersey
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Students at U.A.C.H.S should be informed that they have detention.
These are the reasons students should be informed. Students go home thinking they don’t have detention. The teachers don’t give them no slip they just say “you have detention”.

The reasons why students need to be informed because sometimes we forget. Sometime we don’t check the list because we don’t get inform about having detention.

Some teachers might believe that they do not have to inform students when they give them detention because students know the rules.However, I think that’s not fair to just say the students have detention I think they should inform the students by giving us a detention slip.

Overall I think teachers should inform students when they’ve received a detention.

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