March 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Every school in New Jersey should have 4 period classes. Having 7 periods can be

stressful, with having to manage 7 classes and passing them.

Throughout New Jersey, there are many special-ed students. They already have a

problem handling the school system, but having 7 periods can break them down, even

more. In the school policy, it states that, “the special-ed program allows their disabled

students the opportunity to be active learners at a comfortable pace in a supported and

resourceful environment.” Personally, I feel that 45 mins isn’t a comfortable pace. The

clock “ticks” quickly and teachers are left no choice but to skim through their lessons just

to teach us.

4 period classes can ease the discomfort and improve our grades, because this specific

4 period system contains 90 mins. In each class and it gives many students the chance to

know their teachers and bring up their grades.

Students who disagree, feel as if the 7 period classes have no effect on their grades.

Since 45 mins is required in each class, the day does go by fast, and this is mostly what

students look forward to. However, not everyone’s grades are in tip top shape. I feel that

after school programs shouldn’t be necessary because every student should learn while

their in school, not after.

Therefore, by giving the students an opportunity to have 4 period classes can and will

improve grades.

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