Gay or Lesbian.

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

The funny thing about being gay is the name, when you were little you were called gay because you were happy and now gay is used for two men together. Now, anyone of age can not be called gay if they aren't because its offensive. No one who isn't gay doesn't like it like a woman who likes girls does not like to be called straight because she is not. Its a lot of tension and a lot of fighting going on because of that name "gay". Why can men and women not be happy? I'm a christian. I am a female and I am straight but I have friends who are gay and cousins, even an aunt who is a lesbian and for the longest I could not understand why people were so mad at strangers. I would ask my dad why my aunt never had a boyfriend or why is her head shaved, I thought her girlfriend was my other aunt and I was part mexican. After she passed, I understood why my real aunt was the way she was, we were all broken but she had lost someone she was deeply in love with. I knew then that the woman who passed was not my auntie and my real auntie was lesbian. But why did no one tell me? Everyone was either afraid or ashamed. I didn't see the big deal, yes I read in the bible that its only one man and one woman together and I do not deny that but if it was only one woman and one man then maybe gay would not exist. If one man could only stay with one woman then maybe she would not stray to go find another woman who can understand her for what she is. The same for men, maybe if hate wasn't so potent then tears wouldn't make a man so sensitive that he would look the other way, there's so many wrong things going on in the world but the biggest concern it seems that everyone has is about two men and two women being together. It is an abomination to the Lord, but what about the other things that we children and adults have broken, does that not count? Does that make it okay too? No I do not agree with actions of two lovers that are the same but who am I to deny them of what they want? I go by the bible yes, but I have broken some of those ten commandments just like others because no one is perfect and we all lie sometimes steal or cheat and that is why we are all one race. This war between being gay and being straight is something beyond me, women look at men and think strong, masculine, and to see them with another man hurts it does, but in us as people I think we tend to be so offended by gays because we think of them a certain way and we don't know there background, we as in straight who believe in one man and one woman. Its tough but it's like gays denying people for being straight, we should all be happy for who we are and live life to the fullest until the sky cracks and let God be the judge of that.

The author's comments:
Its a problem in a lot of cases and because of Gays there has been epidemic diseases spreading and it is a plague, but what is done is done, we can not break something that is elastic or will keep growing. We just have to live our lives, some may not agree but its not your war to fight either. I think that those like me who are powerless and cannot do that much to prevent things like this happening, I mean just let go and let GOD.

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