"Shut Up" The meaning behind those harsh words

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

"Shut Up!"
This is a small and very childish phrase that always seems to get me! I have a hard time understanding it. I mean, what could possibly lead you to yelling a harsh order to my face? That is something that i will never take, and it's all based on my level of respect.
I'm sure that some bystander would laugh at my red face after someone just told me to "shut up." I fully understand why that would be hilarious. (Not really.) But i mean really, how can i sit there and not stand up for myself? My respect levels are high, so any word that is reversed into an order just doesn't mix well with my attitude.
On another note, those words act like a wannabe order! They are always mistaken as some phrase that boosts ones ego. Really? Wow! Yeah i can see why you feel so empowered to tell me to "shut up." How invigorating!?! No! (That was sarcasm by the way.) I will not take that just so that someone can boost their ego.
As you can see, i don't take those words and laugh. They are hurtful to others and myself. Becoming mad at something like this is not "baby-ish" it is legit. So why do people laugh? They dont even know why there are doing it.
"Shut up."
Seems like a whole different phrase now hu?!

The author's comments:
Earlier today some kid told me to shut up and i erupted. I gave them the "speech" that you just read and everyone started clapping for me. So i just thought that maybe this would be good to talk about on Teen Ink!

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