They are not Martians from another world.

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

We are programmed to believe what our owner tells us. Everyhting they say is into our heads forever. This applies to EVERYONE! We all were raised by someone, something, somewhere, some way. We believe in different ways to handle many situations. Well, this is my situation. Before i tell you this i would like you to open your heart and try to understand where i am coming from. Not everyone will let me in, all because of their own wall blocking life out. I am a speaker of something i believe in, this "thing" is Gay Marriage. Now remember, i am talking about Gay Marriage, i am not saying that i am gay. Which should trigger something inside of you because this shows that it's not only Homosexual people who promote this.
I believe in Gay Marriage.
Simple as that.
When people talk about homosexual people they immediatly make a face...They are not martians from space! Why do others talk so rudely about things they dont know a lot about?! I mean, gay people are like people who choose to be catholic. It's ALL the same thing, don't shake your head about it. You know that it's the same, you just dont want to believe it. AH HA! Caught you there! Gay people CHOSE this route when they were old enough to, they are not grown up to later become gay. This is a choice. Just like I decided to be Christian. It is all the same so why are we afraid to see it happen before our eyes? This is a CHOICE, did you learn about choices? Did you learn about how to say "no" to drugs? Did you learn never to listen to someone who is abusing you? Your answer should be yes.
Just say it and realize that yes...Gay Marriage is totally normal. I am sick and tired of people who want to hate someone they don't like, they need to grow up and deal. One very smart man once told me," If you want to change the world than fine, go ahead and out run Beyonce. But if you think that your harsh words will make a difference, than think again." As you may have seen, that last part is my quote in my profile. I strongly believe in that phrase because it helps me understand the disgusting people that have to let others down constantly. This has, sadly, become such a huge deal but think about it. This is all like being mad at two people with brown eyes marrying each other! Now, all we have to do is start one big hate "thing" about people with brown eyes and this will all be exactly the same. See what i do? I compare things to show you how riduculus something may sound, this is my method. It is what i do, it is what i am known for. So if you want, hate Gay marriage. But really...This is something that has been blown out of proportions. Get real, get a heart, and grow up! That may sound harsh but really...Its the truth.

The author's comments:
This is me unveiled, it's sadly a vent but it actually means something!

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