Text Crazy

March 26, 2010
By billl SILVER, Suffern, New York
billl SILVER, Suffern, New York
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A lot of things make me go crazy and mad. I have a bunch of pet peeves. One of them is when people text a lot. This really makes me mad. When you try to talk to someone and they are texting, you know they are not listening to you. I hate when people are always texting. Who are they texting anyway?

When I wake up I come to school and see people texting. When I go to class, people are texting under their desks. The teachers don’t even care when they text. Some of them even text to. After school, people are texting on the bus. People stay up all night just to text their friends. Some people even bring their cell phones on the bench to text during sports games.
Some of my friends text all of the time as well. When we try to talk about what to do, they just keep texting and they don’t even listen to us. They never text anyone important anyway. Whenever I play manhunt, someone on my team always gets us caught because he is texting and the other team sees the light from his phone. I really hate when people text while they go to the bathroom. Why not just wait one minute?
I wonder if they ever talk about me. When I am with somebody, they are texting and never let me see who they are talking to and what they are talking about. They are always texting secretly. Hopefully they aren’t talking about me. A lot of people have to be texting at all times. Some people are just addicted to texting and can’t stop. They probably go over their texting limits right away in the first week.

I only text my mom about when to pick me up and to tell her where I am going. I also text my friends to tell them something or ask them if they want to hang out. I hope everyone’s phones just break. I can’t stand everyone texting all of the time. You would think that it will hurt their hands if they text for that long. Everyone thinks that whenever somebody texts you, that you have to answer them. I don’t know what they can possibly talk about all day and all night.

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