Pre emptive strike will history repeat itself

March 25, 2010
By Daryl Urbina BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Daryl Urbina BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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There are constant problems in our world. From Global Warming to abundance of oil, but there is a much more threat on the horizon pre-emptive strike. But this has not been the only time that the threat of pre-emptive strike has been in our history before for example the Hiroshima bombing, the cold war. There is much support for pre-emptive strike due to escalading conflicts in the Middle East and there suspicion of construction of nuclear warheads. But in my exception pre-emptive strike is not the answer because of the consequences that result for example there will be lost of lives, the environment will become detrimental, along with massive paranoia allow me to explain further on.

There has been war through the history of humans with technology advancing for example the creation of the atom bomb but it lead to devastating results with the annulations of millions of people in a blink of an eye. Now that our technology has advanced and the option of pre-emptive strike is on consideration with the Iraq war and now will history repeat itself with mass murder, The survivors of the preemptive strike will be horribly burned and suffer radiation poisoning slowly dying, But even years if there any survivors at all if they were to have any offspring they will have defects and not survive Allow me to continue.

What most people don’t know that the radiation from the pre-emptive strike will affect nature for example the radiation will be carried by the wind and into the clouds leading into black rain and poising the water supply, also nature will be mutated from an elk with 5 heads to a baby bear with no limbs, but the blast itself will destroy vegetation and cattle leaving no food supply at all further on.

But there must not be an actually pre-emptive strike to bring fear into our hearts because it will cause the world to become paranoid, the thought of nuclear warheads falling at any seconds will lead to panic, but the populations will most likely retaliate with protest and riot leading to an unstable country, but civilians will not be the only affected even the military will become worried that they might be hit by an unexpected warhead next

In conclusion there are many reasons on why pre-emptive strike is not the answer I only named the ones that concern me mass murder, destruction of the environment, and mass panic but tell yourself is a pre-emptive strike the answer.

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