March 25, 2010
By JahnG BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
JahnG BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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In the majority of our public school’s today students are allowed to wear clothing of their choice. All or most of these school’s have a dress code that students must keep in mind while choosing their clothing for the next school day. School’s are being austere towards the clothing students are allowed to wear and punishing the students for not abiding by the school’s dress code. Extreme consequences ranging from ISS to ten days OSS are being given out to the students who don’t follow these unfair rules. Students should be allowed to select the clothing of their choice without being prosecuted by school administration.

Now a day’s students choose their clothing based upon their feelings and wanting to be their own person. Personality and individuality are a big part of adolescence. When schools place a uniform policy on the student body they are taking part of that from the students. Uniforms cause the students to lose the feeling of being unique and their own person by having to wear the same apparel as their peers. Clothing also shows the artistic views the students have just by the simplest design of t-shirts. Some students may feel like the uniform is uncomfortable and don’t feel right wearing it which may cause the students to not want to complete their assignments.

In our society today is made up of different ethnicities and races ranging from Americans to Asians. Different races bring diverse amounts of cultures and religions. Part of some cultures and religions are the clothing they wear. When school’s set up a uniform policy they are not only taking part of student’s individuality but they are taking from them also a fraction of the culture and religion. Schools are teaching that everyone has the right to freedom of religion yet they are robbing the students of part of their religion.

Not all students are the same and schools make it seem like it is this way. They place a uniform policy mainly because they believe that all the students wear clothing or certain colors just because they are in gangs. That is not the case with all students yet because some are in these so called gangs they penalize the whole student body. Students that join clubs also have clothing they would like to wear to represent them but due to the course of action the schools take they cannot. There are colleges that give out scholarships to students that show superior artistic quality. This maybe the only scholarship that these students can receive yet again they aren’t able to.

Students should be able to choose the clothing of their choice to wear to school. Placing a uniform policy on these students is not only hurting them in the present but it can also affect their future. Adolescence is what makes great adults and when children are not allowed to represent themselves because of schools isn’t right. So schools shouldn’t hurt our future they should want to help them create a better one. Students should be able to show off their individuality and personality in any way possible without anyone or anything getting in their way.

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