Aliens, UFO's, and Extraterrestrial Life

March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Are we alone in the universe? The question of whether life on earth exists is something that has been the subject of a ferocious debate. There is one side that claims it all to be absolutely ridiculous and back scientific evidence to prove their claim. However there is the believer side, this side claims that aliens do exist and UFO’s are not just a figment of an overworked imagination, but the real deal. There is quite a few unexplained phenomena’s in the world, and aliens and UFO’s certainly belong to this category.
Can society really expect there to be no such thing as extraterrestrial life? Especially in this enormous universe we are a part of? Our milky way alone is astonishing; it would take a hundred thousand light years just to travel across it. If we don’t even know everything that exists in our galaxy, who can be the judge of what is lurking out there around in space.
There have been numerous sightings of unidentified aircraft, and suspicious unexplained happenings. Take crop circles for example. Crop circles are huge geometric shaped figures that appear in fields overnight without explanation, reason, or cause. Thousands of these have been recorded over the world; some go to as far as being found at the bottom of the ocean. These circles appear when the stalks of the crop are bent down to the ground but not broken. The plants are not harmed, just sort of flattened out, which has led UFO enthusiasts to claim that they're made with some sort of alien force beam. These designs are believed to be symbolic representations of alien DNA, writing in the language of Atlantis or some other method of communication.
A flying disc was seen by pilots, crew members, and a bunch of other citizens at the Chicago O’Hare Airport in November, 2006. The witness who reported to this day still wishes to remain anonymous. The sighting lasted for roughly 20 minutes. The object was also approximately up seven hundred feet and appeared very larger and spherical. And the witness recorded the sighting on his cell phone for visual proof.
There is also talk that the great architectural structures from previous eras were not built by the people of the time but by artificial intelligence. Examples such as the Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, and the Great Pyramid, are landmarks of alien life, and were not built by human beings.
Alien looking skulls have been found, ancient monuments that we could have trouble building today, and non earth originating metals are all examples of extraterrestrial life. Area 51 is the most secret thing in the U.S. There are obviously things in there so overwhelming to human eyes that if you get close enough to the facility you will be shot and killed.
Until NASA or the government agrees that aliens exist, people will continue not believing. Non believers stick with their arguments stating that there is no actual broadcasted physical proof of an alien light form and that it can’t be proven even with sighting and recorded encounters. Confirmation from NASA or the government, or until a visual encounter with a live alien is filmed, will be the evidence to turn non believers around.
Inclosing, Aliens and UFO’s are a great wonder that will continue being a topic of great debate until actual proof is presented. So the question remains of what can actually be in our vast unexplored universe.

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