My TOP 10 Beauty Secrets

March 17, 2010
By Nietoa1 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Nietoa1 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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My TOP 10 Beauty Secrets

I’ve always loved reading beauty books and makeup books. I’ve learned every woman is different, and they should accept that every woman has a different face, body, and personality. When a woman looks in the mirror immediately she’ll focus on what she doesn’t like about herself and will want to change it. Good skin care and makeup do a great job in making women look pretty. Here are the top ten beauty tips that will help women to look beautiful.

Beauty starts with smooth, healthy, and glowing skin! Every woman should follow these four easy steps every morning and every night: cleanse, tone, hydrate, and protect. These steps will help you have a soft, supple, and silky skin.
Every time you brush your teeth remember to gently brush your lips! It will exfoliate your lips and will prepare them for smooth lipstick application. It will also leave your lips very soft and ready to kiss!
If you have dry skin there’s no reason why you should not wear foundation. If you have acne skin, look for some oil-free foundation and remember to get foundation with some protection. Foundation will help to plump up the skin and look super hydrated. A secret from all makeup artists is, “whenever you wear foundation remember to blend, blend, blend!” It will make you look natural and beautiful.
In order to have a beautiful and youthful skin, you should start with a healthy lifestyle. You should drink plenty of water (avoid sodas) and eat the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is important to exercise every day, to get enough sleep, to protect your skin from the sun, and to not smoke. Smoking is bad for you! Aside from the high risk of getting cancer, it leaves you with bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkles on your upper lip, and cellulite.
DON’T BE LAZY; remove your makeup before going to bed! If you leave it all night on, the next day you’ll have pimples on your face and your skin will look opaque. Also, remember to wash your brushes and to wash your pillow case because they are another reason why women have acne.
SOS Oily skin! Instead of applying powder a thousand times, get some blotting tissues!

SAY GOODBYE TO RED SKIN… Visine eye drops work for your skin as it works for your eyes. Apply some of it on your cheeks and chin and the red skin will immediately disappear!
MAKEUP! Don’t overdo it because remember, less is more! Try to keep it natural and simple. If you overdo it, it will emphasize more on that pimple you want to cover. When doing your makeup focus on your eyes or on your mouth, but never on both! It will make you look as a clown.
Make your makeup last L O N G E R … On your lips: get a pencil that matches your lip and lipstick to fill your lip up. The color will attach and last longer. On your eyes: try using a black pencil and pass it once over a lighter so it can run smoother. Be careful! Make sure it’s not hot so you won’t hurt yourself. On your skin: always apply cream before applying makeup so it can absorb it better and keep the color for a longer time.
RELAX… stress is the worst enemy of women. At least give yourself five minutes of deep breathing, listening to a soft CD, or practicing yoga.

“So be open, have fun, and never stop learning.” – Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown is a very well known makeup artist who owns her own cosmetics company. To make these ten beauty secrets work, you must be yourself and be confident! There’s no such beauty without inner beauty. You need to love yourself in order to look and feel beautiful.

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