Video Games Are Beneficial To Students

March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

“It may be time to start thinking about video games as teaching tools,” said Jayel Gibson, an award winning fantasy author of “The Ancient Mirrors Tales.” Video games play a part in our everyday lives, especially students’. Video games can prove to benefit students greatly if used properly. They can prove to be educational, good for health and chances to succeed in life. Video games play positive roles in students’ lives.

Many careers such as being a pilot require learners to learn from a video game platform. Students will practise countless times landing a plane virtually before introduced to the real thing. Almost all video games use events in reality. Driving simulation games are also a benefit to the society. There are countless number of crashes everyday and the number is growing. This is due to careless driving. From one point of view, these driving games are making players more destructive since they can run and crash into objects without the risk. What many do not realise is that players do not choose this path. They focus on finishing the course while keeping their vehicle in the best possible condition. Death in reality is the same as death in the virtual world; they share one thing. Death is costly, and simply is not worth it. Clearly, video games allow users to learn to do something without running the risk. Companies such as Microsoft created Club Bing to promote their search engine while users use it to play the game. At the same time, these games help players improve their vocabulary. Most of the games by Microsoft Club Bing require players to know their vocabulary, and learn new ones, which are important in our everyday lives. Most video games that kids play teaches them more things than we think. Video games teach inventory control where one can manage their supplies and determine how much more is needed, money value teaches players to calculate and spend wisely on virtual supplies they need. Big Fish Games is a creator of many popular games. They are fun to play, but they all have one thing in common. These games are all educational. Games like Wild Thornberry Australian Wildlife Rescue and Chicken Invaders 2 teach about animal’s habitat and their importance. CBC News stated, “Many video games require players to master skills in demand by today’s employers.” This shows that video games benefit many of us currently and will benefit us in the future.
In general, users all want to be the top ranked, highest score and the best when it comes to playing video games. In reality we know only one can get the highest score, be in the first rank, and to be the best. As more users play, there is a sense of competition. Gamers will work their hardest and play their best to get in the best possible rand. As you can see, video games are tough and competitive just like anything else. In the real world, only the best qualified gets the job. Only the most skilled can win a poker tournament and only the toughest can survive a boxing match. It goes to show that the competition is high. Video games are ways for students to learn about competition and feel it. This way, students will know what is required and are prepared to take on the world.

PopCap Games manufacturer and creator of the popular game Bejewelled commissioned and funded a research study of the game. Researchers found playing Bejewelled displayed improved mood and heart rhythms compared to those who are not. The company launched a second series of testing to see if video games can have effects of depression. Kids are becoming more and more obese. They are constantly indoors playing video games instead of being outside and being active. Nintendo introduced the Wii associated with the Wii Fit where users can play video games and stay active at the same time. This console allows users to play sports even when the weather conditions forces them to be unable to. Many have agreed this is more active than clicking a remote for your evenings. The Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit series can lead to weight loss and a healthier living if it is used properly. Furthermore however, it offers more than just these simple healthy living life styles. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation rewarded twelve teams over $2 million in grants for the Health Games Research project. In general, video games can improve vision up to twenty percent. This is mainly for first person shooting games, involving an incredible amount of accuracy, but is also true to any other video game. University of Toronto led a study about video games. The results show that video games can “assist stroke victims in regaining and improving motor skills.” Not only, but researchers at Sam and Rose Stein Institute of Aging at University of California believe after an immense amount of research that video games, mostly the Wii, can assist people with symptoms of subsyndromal depression(SSD). Along with stroke victims, the Nintendo Wii and a Sony video game product can help improve balance.
Videos games benefit students’ lives greatly as it can prove to be educational, contain life skills, and maintaining physical and mental health. Not all video games mean violence and increase in obesity rates. Most video games contain valuable learning experiences, and beneficial to everybody’s mental and physical health. Video games should be classified with the same importance as meals of the day. It should be made a mandatory need in life rather than a leisure activity.

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