pregnancy pacts

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

when teen pregnancy is a topic being disscussed an issue not addressed is prgnancy pacts. Teen pregnancy pacts are when girls make a promise to thier friends to have a baby. teen girls often feel less love in there life so they feel as they need to find some one to love and also love them back. so this is when they decide to have a baby and tell there friends about the idea, some friends agree and want to go threw with it and there are some who dont know hat to do and are confused. everytime they get together and talk they think its a better idea everytime. so as they make the pact they have to go through with it.

when talking they think of the life of being pregnant as the life to have,they believe its better and its glorified.but did they stop to think whose going to pay the bills for the baby? how will teen moms pay for diapers,formula, and maybe even clothes? what would happen if there parents kicked them out they might not even have a place to sleep at night. but yet they still go on thinking life will be ok.

there are various reasons for pacts.some might think its the only way to be loved, others are confused, maybe even peer pressured into these kinds of situations. maybe teen parents want to start a life and do it with a new family member, meaning a baby. these teens are only thinking in the right now but are there friends going to pay for there bills also? some teens drop out of school for this pact, thats means there a mother and unforunetly uneducated.

there are also many reasons for teen pregnancy like in a disfunctional family there is also a higher percentage. in abusive houses there are to. 75% of pregnanct teens said they were sexually abused when they were younger by fathers,stepfathers and even family members. this makes you not want to go to your grandmas any more.

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pregnancy pacts and what they are

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