March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

The City of Malmö, Sweden was barely awake as my family and I set off to the train station early in the morning. After some minor confusion we step on the train and find our seats. We soon make friends with a Swedish family not too different from our own. They are also traveling to Denmark to enjoy a beautiful summer's day. Looking out the window I see sail boats and wind turbines as we cross the Øresund bridge. We step off the train into the bustling city of Copenhagen and wave goodbye to our friends. The cobble stoned city square is open with people sitting on benches and pigeons searching for scraps of abandoned food.
My family and I start walking down a small pedestrian street. We hop in and out of crowded shops. A street performer entertains the crowd with all sorts of magic tricks; I toss a coin into a hat at his feet. Our whole family, eager for a rest, sit down on a bench near statues of old dead guys. Lunch is made up of sandwiches stolen from the hotel's breakfast buffet and crumbled cookies we had picked up along the way.
Next we work our way up a wharf to catch a water taxi. Pastel colored buildings line the edge of the wharf in different shades of blue, orange, yellow, red, and even pink. Boats move slowly up and down the channel in the middle. We reach the end and board a water taxi.
Once filled up with passengers, the engine grumbles to a start and we move out leisurely into the bay. I peer over the edge of the boat into the blue-green water. The smell of sea water tickles at my nose. Looking up to the right I see the modern opera house with shiny panes of glass and a silver overhang. As I look left I admire the classic walls and gardens of the Danish palace.
We disembark near the opera and start moving towards the bus stop. Much to our surprise the bus is there before we are. My family and I start sprinting towards the bus in a mad dash. The next bus is in 45 minutes; we have to make it. Then we are on, just in time! The bus lurches to a start as we find our seats. The bus takes a few turns and we have no idea where we are. Mother tells me to look out the window, and as I do, I see what she tells me is a “hippy commune.” The houses are colorfully decorated with graffiti. I wish I was a hippy.
We wend our way through the city admiring the sights until we get back the train station. Across the way is Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. My parents have been planning to take me and my sister there all day. Although the gardens are beautiful, I am there for the rides. We can hardly see the top of the tower drop even when craning our necks. “Are you sure you want to do that?” my mother asks skeptically. Hanna and I nod at once and get in line. Once clamped in safely we are lifted skyward. I wiggle my toes in anticipation. At the top we pause then suddenly plummet. I feel weightless as I scream at the top of my lungs. Then it is over. A smile is spread across my face as I lift the harness over my head. The next ride is Dæmonen, “The Demon” in Danish. Fast and exciting, it's my clear favorite. My sister and I go on many other awesome rides.
It's nearing midnight, and much to my chagrin, we have to head back to the train station. We don't want to miss the last train back to Sweden and be stuck sleeping on a park bench with the local hobos. The train ride and walk back to the hotel is a blur as I fight to stay awake. I step in the door, slip off my shoes, and fall into bed. Can I do this again tomorrow?

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cool. meow.

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