March 10, 2010
By kslowery BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
kslowery BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
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L-O-V-E what is it ?

Many people think its just a word that has no meaning, but to others love is having feelings or showing affection for someone. But to me personally love comes in all forms and in different ways. Puppy love is what they call it when two young people claim to be in
love. You have the family love, where you love them but don’t necessarily like them. I can remember back when I was younger and I wrote letters to my parents with XOXO signed at the bottom. I knew that this was a way to show them how much they meant to
their sweet pea. Love then was so simple. But now that i’m older it seems as if everyone is trying to find "real love" in High School.
Someone who would adore me, text me at all hours of the night, meet me in the park for long walks where we can talk about
anything, and tell me that I rock, but all the guys want to have fun. We expect so much, Lets take our time and when the time is right love will be there waiting.

The author's comments:
I was in my creative writing class and my teacher gave us a box of sweethearts. We were asked to use the words labeled on the candy and incorporate it into some type of piece.


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