Repeating Milestones

March 4, 2010
I came to realize several days ago that technology has grown at a vast rate within my 16 years of living. I have seen milestones pass me faster than a blink of an eye. Up to this day, I have learned & acknowledged many accomplishments that have help shape our world. My mother triggered these thoughts. She told me, as I sat waiting for my dinner, "you know I, as a child, never had such technology as you have today. When I was a little girl, kids were out having fun, getting mud on their shoes, playing with friends. We never had cell phones or iPods, video games or even a TV. The majority of teenagers today focus on sex, sex appeal, technology, and food. It's sad to see this." At this point, I can’t really say much but that, in a way, she is correct. In addition, it wasn't long before my mother and I had this conversation where I read an article about obesity rates and it's connection to technology use. In fact, The increase of this problem show that the rates have been rising each year in the United States. History, has found a way to repeat itself, even if we may or may not notice. Many evenings, my mother took moments to bring me into reality, making me question my future. And this is the question that was stirred up in my head: What about my kids? If my mother told me that as a child she never had such technology that we have today, then where will my kids be as more advanced technology is created? How can I calculate that my kids would either benefit or not from this new technology. Technology is not a bad thing nor should it be avoided. I am not concluding that it shouldn't be used, but how will technology affect my kids? The only wish that I want for the generations to come is to reach a better understanding of technology and a continuation of milestones.

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