PETA kills animals

March 1, 2010
PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may be trying to alert the public on many issues about abusing animals, but when their goal is to help save animals, how much are they devoting to their goal directly? There is hypocrisy among PETA, and this can no longer be ignored. Even though PETA is for proper animal treatment of animals, they put down hundreds of pets a year that they have received or seized. Not only do the numbers on the records show this, but this practice is highly unethical for PETA’s ‘goal’. PETA needs to change their ways and focus on what is more important, they need to reform before animals rights becomes a bad name!

Ever since 1998, PETA made the decision to put down plenty of adoptable pets, totaling to over 20,000 pets put down so far. In 2008, ten years after this decision, it still euthanizes thousands of animals. Animals that can be pets for children. PETA is claiming them in the name of good, and instead of finding them homes they are opting to put them down The records of PETA show that in 2008, PETA put down 2216 poor helpless animals that year while find adoptive homes for just 7 pets the previously has no owners. And this was just 2008 alone. has the PETA documents on their site to show this. If PETA wants to truly devote their efforts to the cause, they need to focus more on saving these animals rather than putting too many down. And for what? They did it to save money. Putting down an animal is cheaper than trying to find it a new home. So a poor loving animal gets killed the heartless PETA members instead of finding a loving home for which they can be happy in.

Now even though PETA does euthanize pets, people do try to find reasons to justify this. PETA claims that many of the pets brought into PETA are too sick or hurt too badly to recover, and euthanizing them would be the humane thing to do. While I do not deny that this happens, the sheer number of animals brought in and euthanized as opposed to the number of animals found homes is ridiculous. Just seven animals out of 2,100 were found homes in 2008. Only seven. And to save money! Now why would PETA want to save money? PETA has many programs that they have to alert the public to the injustices of animals. And even though they have done a lot of good exposing animal cruelty, they also fund projects like protests in the nude, calling the use of animal products like milk and leather unethical, protesting beneficial research from lab rats, because it is wrong, and even an online book called “Save the Sea Kittens” that tells children the damage they are doing by eating fish, with exaggerations that are ridiculous. Even though they may have good intentions for animals, they need to focus on what they can handle first and not opt for putting down animals

These years of PETAs pet eradication program cannot go unnoticed, and we need to make them realize they need to reform before their practices ruins the name of animal rights!

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Essie said...
Mar. 5, 2010 at 9:54 pm
I agree! around here, PETA burned down some sort of barn because they thought that the people were committing animal cruelty. who's blowing up barns?
People Eating Tasty Animals!!!!
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