February 22, 2010
I am twice exceptional.
I personally dislike that word.
It makes me seem like I'm not quite good enough.
People have always been concerned about my struggles with math, focusing on better curriculum and special help for me.
I can't remember anyone ever focusing on my actual abilities.
It seems like my disability is so much more important then my actual abilities.
I suppose that's something that society does, focus more on what's wrong then what's right.
I have so much potential for excellence, and yet, people make it seem like it's not so.
Just because I have troubles in something, I am doomed to fail everything.
There are more programs for kids with disabilities then there are programs for gifted kids, I can assure you.
I'm sure some people loathe the word gifted because all it means is extra effort and problems to them.
So they push it into a corner and try to forget about it, because after all, how important can it be?
What's more important is seeding out the problems, the defunct rejects, so they can cure them.
It's completely ironic and absolutely purposeless.
Because I am at a seventh grade math level, I am treated as though I am less worthy, less then anything.
Because I am at a college grade reading and writing level, this is seen as less important and I am forced to just continue with the stale and monotonous curriculum as it always has been.
I don't remember having meetings about setting up different educational work.
Of course, I do remember the meetings about my 'math problems.'
Once a problem has been fixed, isn't there a need to move on and not linger in the past?
Instead, all eyes are turned towards my problem, which should have honestly been fixed over the last three or so years, instead of just papers being passed back and forth from board member to board member.
But, hey, that gifted thing can wait, right?
Not like it's important or anything.

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