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February 10, 2010
By Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Animal Testing. Two Words. Two Million dogs, cats, rabbits, and mice killed by it. But for what? For products a plain and simple reason. Live animal experiments are being okayed all over the world for shampoos and creams to cancer vaccines which the results are no use to us because they are a different species, a species whose whole population deservers the right to live a life without suffering. The millions of animals that are used for testing must suffer for weeks and weeks waiting in cages afraid of humans and everything in their surroundings. While they wait for scientist to conclude their research they watch many poor sad animals being disposed of and they don’t realize that it would soon happen to them.
Animal testing must be stopped before they hurt more animals. Thousands of products passed by animals have been discarded as useless to humans, therefore having the animals it was tested on or force fed into their unexpecting, unwilling mouths, suffer for absolutely nothing. The products and vaccines are things and chemicals foreign to their bodies causing them to react differently than they would if it was natural also not showing the “proper results” this shows that the tests were completely pointless. In certain countries it’s a law that all new medications have to be tested on at least two animals, one of which must be large none-rodent. Even with animal safety laws in place that are carefully worded, if there is a realistic alternative it must be done, but even with those laws almost every medication on the market today is tested on animals.
Animals in cosmetic labs are much different. Depending on what kind of animal it is decides what type of product is tested on it. For example, guinea pigs are used to test sunscreen; dogs are used in biomedical research and cats in neurological research. Rabbits are also used, but for everyday products like shampoo, body scrubs, lotions, and conditioners. Monkeys are among the many animals used but these poor tortured creatures are snatched from their natural habitats and shipped in cages to the USA just to have these products smeared all over themselves. Animals suffer a lot of pain in cosmetic labs so next time you reach for your lip stick or your mascara you may want to think about what animal went blind for it or what animal lost its life for your makeup.
Arguments in favor of animal testing are mostly how people will know if their products are safe enough for retail, and people have argued that animals don’t really “feel pain”. Well what I would say to these people is grow a heart and look into any emergency vet’s office to see cats and dogs in agony with broken legs, tumors, arthritis, and heart issues. For the people who would know how to test their products or know if they were safe enough for retail then they need to find a human way to test them or stop using harmful chemicals and make their products with natural items. I’m sure if scientists and cosmetologists cared about the animals they were harming, killing, and taking from their natural habitats they could take the time to find a new way to test products.
Animal testing has to stop if it doesn’t were just maiming more and more animals every day, slowly killing them. If you have a dog, cat, mouse, rat, or even a bunny you should feel just a strongly about this. Next time you look at your pet, picture them with makeup, lotions, and creams smeared up and down there body. But if you have a bigger animal picture them in cage cringing away from all human contact because of what these scientist are doing to them or see them hooked up to cords and needles with monitors all around them instead of snoozing on your couch. If you don’t want any more animals to suffer like this put a stop to animal testing.

The author's comments:
im posting this article for all the animals who have lost their lives to this kind of thing

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Fuh-rel BRONZE said...
on Jun. 8 2010 at 4:38 pm
Fuh-rel BRONZE, Corinth, Texas
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soooooo true. 


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