The Standup Act : Good or Bad

January 28, 2010
Teens are obviously responsible for many accidents when learning how to drive. Let’s face it; it is part of the learning process. But, are we the only ones? The “Standup Act” is being prepared to fix many on the road problems. It can reduce or even prevent many of these accidents from happening, despite the many requirements teens will have to follow.

Many teenagers are killed each year because of poor auto safety. The Standup Act can really make a change for this. It wants to make the license process a bit harder and a lot tougher on teens so they get the training they need to be safe. This might seem like a drag to teens, but it may save a life. They would like to make passenger restrictions to one family member of 21 years of age or older. That is a great idea. Driving with a responsible adult would reduce distractions. Cell phones are the biggest distraction of them all. They need a ban out of all vehicles for the driver, regardless of age or experience. I agree with many of their ideas, but chide some of them also.
The Standup Act has many vital requirements o keep our roads safe, but some are just plain out of line. A ban on nighttime driving is completely unnecessary. If they are driving with an adult family member, how much trouble could they get in? In addition, drivers do not have to wait till they are 18 to be unrestricted. One year is a fair amount. Sooner or later they need to get used to driving anywhere at any time. Lastly, sates do not have to suffer for not joining the act. It is their choice. Increasing percentages on decreased funding towards highways could make highways unsafe. The Standup Act has some improvements to be made before it is ready to hit the roads.

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