Real Freinds

January 27, 2010
By , houston, TX
People have many opinions on what a real friend dose this is my opinion. A real friend is someone who accept you for you, no strings attached. A real friend is someone who knows all the good and the not-so-good about you and still likes you. A real friend is someone who will do anything to help you in a time of need. A real friend is the person you call to share secrets or the frustrations of life, and listens though you may have said the same things a hundred times before. A real friend is a person who compliments your personality, challenges your choices, and accepts you regardless of the mistakes you make in life.
To me thts what a real friends qualitys should be not some one that makes you feel six inches tall or, some one that talkes bad about you behide your back and, deffentaly not some one who tell's you that your a bad friend and dont care about them. I was in a sistuation just like this she did things that wasnt her she was changing for the worse I dont want my self sorrounded by perople like her. she blames it on me saying im the one who changed her? I did nothing but support her in what she dose tell her nothing but nice things even when she annoyed me I grind and tryed to make it work for are friendship but, she pushed me past the limit I was done. All im trying to say is dump people that arnt your real friends cause most likliy thay are using you or, going to hurt you iv learned the hard way. Its not fun to loose a friend but its worth it when you dont have someone dragging you down all the time and makes you feel bad about your self. Find people that like you and wont disrespect you. You know who you are you know im talking about you. You hurt me bad by saying I was a backstaber and a bad friend I was nothing but nice and respecful to you. Its your loss I know am an amazing friend.

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