Hey Boy on the Free-Throw Line!!!

January 26, 2010
By , Douglasville, GA
You are at a basketball game, and your team makes a foul. The opposing team lines up on the free throw line. Everybody gets quiet, and your team is hoping they miss the basket. Right before the player shoots, fans from your team start screaming! Now the boy is under pressure as he shoots. Swish, he makes the basket! I am the only one clapping for the player. I don’t understand why people start cheering and screaming right before a player is about to shoot. What if that player was on you team? You would be quiet so the player could focus, right? Why can’t we respect the other team? I always thought you played for fun, not for completion. That is why I clap when they get a basket, not because I want to show good sportsmanship. Don’t get me wrong I like to win, but why can’t we show respect for the other team?

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