February 2, 2010
have you ever had that kind of friend that you think can rely on? Have you ever had a friend that you think trust no matter what?... Well i had a friend like that once... her name was Lolly(take a wild guess why the call her that). Me and looy were like to peas in a pot or in her case gum in am lolly pop... We were as thick and as tough as steel... That was until he arived... yea yea this has something to do with a boy.... But it's not entirely his fault majority of it was heres... i could understand if she wantted to hang out with her boo and all but that didn't mean everytime he called she didn't have to answer... i didn't think this before but i think about it alot now... maybe that was her first real relationship or may they never had a chance to see each other as often as they wanted... She should be the one writting an articel not me.. because a true friend will always be understanding and on your side no matter what...

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