January 22, 2010
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What is the one thing that most adults do not like coming in the mail? Taxes. Whenever taxes come in, it puts a strain on the household. Now one question that everyone has had pass across their mind is, why are we paying really high taxes and there is no improvement to anything we need?

Everyone can see the improvements that need to be done. But as time goes by there doesn’t seem to be any change. The Roads for an example, are never fixed when they need to be. I have seen Road crew companies that are ripping up a road they put down less any a month ago, when the next road over needed to be repaired over 2 years ago!

So where is the money going? The money is going to pay the executives their paychecks and bonuses. Not to the people that really do the work that the tax money pays for. 75% to 90% of the taxes go to pay the overhead people. The last 10% is divided up between the paychecks and the materials needed to do the job. Now these people probably want the largest paychecks they can get, so the materials end up to be the cheapest that they can get their hands on. This way they get in trouble. Poor material even with good labor gives poor results.

So the best way to make everyone happy would be to find a way to get more people to pay more taxes. This means to get the lower income families to get a higher income, so we can pull people out of poverty. The best way to do this is to make the schools a Number 1 priority so that everyone can get good paying jobs because they will have the education that they need, to pay more taxes.

If Only the people in the government could take less money and give more time to their voters, we would have a better system. Is that the “Real” American Dream? Once the government realizes that the poor people need to live better we will be a leader nation and we would finally achieve out goal.

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