The Stand Up Act

January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I think that if they raise the age to 18 and have limited restrictions before that, that teenage drivers won’t be able to get a job or get involved in school activities. Most parents work which will make them not available to drive their teenage son or daughter to work. I feel that a teenager working makes them more mature and also more experienced. Also when your parents are working you can’t get a ride to or from an after school activity. This restricts a student’s ability to be involved. In a teenagers life procuring a drivers license to them is a life changing experience. They feel older and more mature. This makes them act more mature. It also gives them a feeling of satisfaction when they pass their test. Most jobs require working after dark, which means that a teenager with a restricted license will not be able to work. I feel that we should abide by the laws we have now. Because if the laws are changed students will not get experience having a job.

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