January 22, 2010
By cessna carey BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
cessna carey BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I strongly disagree with the STANDUP Act. If all of those laws and restrictions were put on you until the age of 18, then no one would consider going to the classes for two years they insist new drivers go to, but instead they would wait until they were 18 to get their license the same way 16 year olds do now. Being young has zero effect on how one drives. There have been just as many terrible drivers on the road in their 30’s, and there have also been many young great drivers at 16. Driving is the one thing teenagers look forward to before becoming an adult. Their intentions are strictly good, they get to drive to school, help their parents out, drive to their job, and go places with their friends without concentrating on mom or dad dropping them off. Driving makes teens feel more grown up, which is a positive statement compared to other ways teens attempt to be adults. I believe that if anything, having “adults only” getting their license is an even worse idea. Adults in their low 20’s are more likely to get into an accident from driving drunk than it is for a 17 year old taking their friends to the mall. However I agree that there are many problems on the roads with phone usage, Ipods, and careless driving but with small restrictions, that can be eliminated. Instead of not receiving you license until your 18th birthday, make all teens take drivers ED right after they receive their permit. Therefore they learn all the rules and safety with trained drivers, and can also get their license at age 16 and 6 months like it has always been. It can improve the road while making teens happy!

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