Driving Age

January 22, 2010
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English 11
22 January 2010
Mid-Term Essay

I do not agree with stand up’s minimal GDL requirements. If anything the driver’s test should be stricter, limiting those who can get their license. The driving age should stay at 16 despite those who feel change is necessary.

One reason is because having a child who can drive is very convenient for parents. I can run errands or drop my sister off at practice while my mom or dad works. It makes it much easier on them.

Another reason is that it is a part of growing up. It gives the teen responsibility that should make him or her mature more quickly. Driving is a big step in the process of maturity.

I feel we should abide to the driving age laws we have now. There is no need to stray from what we have had for years. I do not believe change is always the answer.

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