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January 22, 2010
By emily kuhn BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
emily kuhn BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Teen Driving Requirements

The GDL requirements will have a noticeably negative effect on teens’ lives. Although the premonition that the law will make teens safer may have some rectitude, it will not fix the problem completely. Only allowing teens to drive during the day would cause us them to be bereft of anything other than school and daylight activities. Many teens play sports, attend sporting events, have extracurricular activities, or have a job. These things would never all be able to occur if teens are unable to drive by themselves until they are 18. High school should be the most enjoyable time of teens’ lives, and without all of the privileges and advantages that are offered it would not be the same. Many parents look forward to eschewing the responsibility of driving their kids around as soon as they are 16. Parents may also work, or have plans that would eradicate the possibility of getting their child where they need to be.

However, teens do need to be safer when it comes to driving. Most are careless and just want to have a good time with their friends. There could possibly be more requirements to take a certain amount of classes and be on the road with a driving instructor. Teens have the highest annual crash rate; correct precautions need to be taken with teens and driving.

I am not an advocate of the GDL law, although I do think some changes need to be made. Preventing teens from driving would only cause more problems for everyone and wouldn’t allow kids to do the things that they love.

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