January 22, 2010
By , pittsburgh, PA
The new STANDUP Act will alleviate the amount of teen crashes, but at a significant cost to the teens freedom, sense of responsibility, and amount of time of the teens and their parents. Although the number of crashes will be subsided, the teenager’s feeling of adulthood would be cut. A majority of teenagers that are of the age to drive learn responsibility through their team sports, jobs, and academic activities. If teenagers are not allowed to drive at night, the teens may become bereft from the chances of playing sports or getting a job. For example, I play hockey which requires me to have practices often late at night, and according to the STANDUP act I would not be allowed to attend such practices. Similarly, I hold a job at a restaurant that calls for nights not ending until eleven. If this law passes I along with many other teenagers will be forced to rely on their parents to drive or worse, to quit their activities. Not to mention that improvident teenagers will still break these laws because it was once legal and will still drive with diminutive care when it becomes illegal. Likewise, the article of the act that states that a teenager can only drive one other teenager at a time creates more cars on the road and puts more teen drivers in the driver seat. If teenagers are truly such bad drivers then why put three teens on the road and instead of having the best driver driving all of them the possibility for more bad drivers to driving arises. All in all the STANDUP Act is removing senses of adulthood and responsibilities from teenagers and throwing it back at them when they are 18 and have enough new responsibilities to handle.

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