January 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Why do people do the things they do? Why do people lie? Why do dudes/girls cheat to get out of relationships easily? Why do people say they gone do something and totally do the opposite? Why is the world crumbling little by little? Why are females/dudes and little children getting raped every night? Why is it hard to find a decent job? Why do young people my age skip school? Why do young men and grown men abuse females to the point they are scared of them? Why do teacher’s get stressed out by the kids that don’t want to help they self? Why my uncle dre had to die? Why my grandmother had to die? Why my relatives and friends had to die or get killed? Why my great grandfather and grandfather had to die on my mother side of the family? Why the sound of music do not sound like it use to? Why people do not like the president? Why do people think he’s not doing anything for our country? Why do people make they self seem like they do things that don’t really want to do? Why young girls getting pregnant at the age of 13? Why do dudes/females hate on each other? Why dudes get jealous at other dudes because they think the other dude want they girl friend? Why students write on the desk? Why dudes gossip like females? Why people do not fight no more but quick to pick up a gun? Why dudes/females like to disrespect other dudes and females when they are the one’s in the wrong? Why dudes/females disrespect the coolest teachers at Houston can academy? Why is it so much hatred in the world? Why dudes/females do drugs and they have to take a u.a. when they visit their probation officer? Why people can not go anywhere without starting trouble? Why people just can’t chill and have fun like they use to do in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s? WHY???????...................

The author's comments:
its what i feel that should be answered

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